What is gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy. It can appear at any time when a woman is pregnant. Once a woman is expecting and she develops diabetes, it will only go away after the baby is born.

Gestational diabetes: a mother’s story to self-manage diabetes in her pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is a condition that requires both information and treatment. It is a learning process that includes food, exercise and information in equal degrees of importance that complement each other.

Two years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. There was a sort of diet that I followed. Earlier this year I became pregnant again and gestational diabetes began more prematurely. I had to check my blood sugar three times a day and control my diet.

Gestational diabetes: moving from paper to technology

At first I wrote the blood sugar score controls on paper. It was often complicated to understand what was safe to eat. Luckily when I looked for a phone app for diabetes in pregnancy, I found and tried several apps. Then I found the Social Diabetes app.

The application makes my daily life with gestational diabetes much simpler. I only have to have my meter and phone. The glycemic control worksheets can be exported to my PC, and I can take them to my doctor or, if necessary, email them. There are also extremely practical features for gestational diabetes like a carbohydrate calculator, and glycosylated hemoglobin levels, that fit in perfectly with laboratory expectations.

A technology partner who listens during your pregnancy

I want to highlight the willingness of the developers to listen when I suggested an idea. This is not a vanity compliment, but they know how important it is to support a process as difficult to manage as a chronic disease.

Fortunately gestational disease can be monitored perfectly well, but it requires the help of tools that simplify life; it’s not just about medication but also having a method to carry our controls.

After Gestational diabetes and pregnancy: the baby

Emma was born on October 7, 2013. I continue to monitor my disease to see if it really is only temporary, and I do this by using SocialDiabetes for its efficiency and flexibility.

Agustina Weyler (Published with Agustina Weyler's full authorization)