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  • It's a good application. Nowadays, it is easier to control my diabetes with help of this application. I can to monitor my diabetes better than before. I am always checking my control through of charts. It becomes fun control diabetes. ” Marcelo Andrade
  • My Dr loves this app. Started using this app about a year ago. When I went for my last Dr visit 3 months ago I showed him my numbers on the graph chart. He liked how you could change the graph to meet our goals. Will continue to use this easy to use app.” Chris Limbert
  • I have tried 8-10 different. I have tried 8-10 different diabetic apps on Play, and none of them match to what SocialDiabetes can do. I love the way I am able to log my dosing of insulin at the same time and screen I log my blood sugar. The chart review is the best available as well. Easy to track, and I really love the way it reports the current A1C with each and every entry. You have done a fantastic job with this app. Thank you very much.” Larry Maxwell
  • Excellent app for track your diabetes. It is a great app to keep track of the diabetes. Really easy to use and user friendly. Highly recommended” Martina Miranda
  • It's really good. I'm getting my diabetes under control with this” Neil Timlin
  • Very impressed. Love it” Pastor C. Alan Holland