2017 European Commission Award for the most innovative product.

Best mobile application in Health category - WSA United Nations.

Leading diabetes apps in Spanish.

Reduce your HbA1C and see real improvements in your diabetes treatment. SocialDiabetes makes it easier

  • Calculate carbs easily and add any food items to our listings.
  • Adjust your insulin doses more acurately to your needs.
  • Improve your diabetes results by registering all kinds of data.
HbA1C under control

The average glycated hemoglobin of regular users of SocialDiabetes is 6.7 for Type 1 and 6.5 for Type 2.

Reduction of up to 2% HbA1C in 3 months

People with diabetes Type 1 that started using SocialDiabetes with an HbA1c higer than 8% experienced, on average, a reduction of 1% after 3 months of continuous use. Users with diabetes T2 even achieved a 2% of reduction.

Everyone's diabetes treatment is different and we want to personalize its management

We are patients working for patients. Join our community and help us improving the way we take care of you.

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We have taken more than 205.000 pills

We have eaten more than 7 million servings of carbs

We have used more than 47,000 liters insulin pens



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